Pacy Reilly 2001  


I've been getting a lot of reminders for me to repost the pattern for this afghan. Unfortunately, when I switched Internet providers to SBC I accidentally lost the account that I had hosted this pattern on. I did still have the original graphs I made for this afghan but not the pattern instructions that I had written. So I have to now reconstruct the pattern now from the afghan I had crocheted for my son. I had thought that I would get to this sooner, but my nephews weeding had me crocheting a couple hundred of my Wedding Birdseed Roses and now that I just finished them Spring chores around the homestead will necessitate this task to be delayed till late fall. But as a retired ARMY Sgt. I know how important this is for some of you to get crocheting this afghan. So here is what I have so far.

Using a size G crochet hook, Worsted Weight Yarns (I used Red Heart) and working in half double crochet stitches I crocheted;

  • 2 of the Army graphs with a grey background and a green yarn for the lettering
  • 1 Eagle Center Graph with yarns the colors of Royal Blue, White, Red, and Gold
  • Using a Camo yarn. I crocheted rows across the top and the bottom of the Army panels to equal the height of the center Eagle panel. I then crocheted 4 panels - 4 inches wide and the height of the Eagle panel. I then sewed the panels together as in the picture of the afghan. And then crocheted a 4 inch camo border around the finished panel. Ending with 1 row of Black crocheted around as a frame.
  • Using the Royal Blue, Red and White yarns I crocheted the left outer border continuing the red and with stripes till the piece was the same height as the finished center panel. I then sewed it to the right side of the center finished panel.
  • Next I crocheted a panel the same width and height of the left outer border for the right outer border. This patter being of the red and white stripes of the flag. Making sure to end at the top with only 3 rows of a white stripe so the pattern will continue into the top outer design. I then sewed this to the left side of the center finished panel.
  • Working across the top I crocheted the top outer border pattern.
  • Working across the bottom I continued to crochet the stripes.
  • I finished the afghan by crocheting 2 rows of camo around the afghan. Ending with one row of Black crocheted around in a Reverse Single crochet stitch (CRAB STITCH)

I’m am sorry if this is as clear as mud, but it will have to do until I can repost this pattern. Hopefully this will make some sense to anyone who needs this pattern now.

Eagle Center Graph


Army graph


top outer border


left outer border




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