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Sir Owliver Wizard Stocking

2001, Designed by Pacy Reilly  

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn, wheat color #402
Black worsted weight yarn
Dark Red worsted weight yarn
Gold worsted weight yarn
Green worsted weight yarn
Red worsted weight yarn
Royal Blue worsted weight yarn
Yellow worsted weight yarn
Crochet hooks sizes  F
Yarn needle
White household glue
Silver glitter
Gold glitter
Black fabric paint in a bottle with a pointed tip
Thin artist paintbrush
Green felt approx. 1/2 yd

Starting with green yarn, at top left edge of graph, ch 36,
Sc in 2nd ch from hk, and in each remaining ch, ch 1 and turn.
Continue working rows of graph, changing colors as per graph, ch 1 and turning at end of each rnd.


Paint black outlines on front of stocking an in picture, allow to fully dry.
Water white glue down until it is thin and easily spreadable but not runny. With thin paintbrush, paint stars, moons and dot shapes onto cape and hat.
Cover glue with silver and gold glitter, allow glue to thoroughly dry, shake off excess.

Lay stocking on top of felt and cut back piece. With green yarn whip stitch felt to stocking leaving top edge open.

Top Band
 Rnd 1: Attach white yarn to top right st of stocking front, ch 35 and sl st to top left st of stocking, ch1.
 Rnd 2:  Sc in each ch and st around top of stocking, join with a SL st to 1st sc, ch 2
 Rnd 3:  Work a front post dc around 1st st, back post dc around 2nd st, continue around top of stocking alternating between both sts, ch1.
 Rnd 4:   Work a sc reverse st in each st around , fasten off, weave in ends.
With green yarn whip stitch bottom edge of band to green felt back.

Attach blue yarn just below last rnd, at the right edge of front, ch 25, sl st in each ch, sl st in same place as join, ch 25, sl st in each ch, sl st in each st across front of stocking, ch 20, sl st in each ch, insert hk back into stocking where 1st ch was made and loose end of ch, yarn over and pull thru loops, (Hanging loop made), continue sl st across back of stocking, fasten off, weave in ends.
Tie chain ribbon into a bow.