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Pacy Crochets Frugal


Plastic Bag Crochet

Making the yarn

Lay the plastic grocery bag flat on the table. Cut off the handles and the bottom seam. Cut bag across width into strips about 1" wide.
The strips become loops after they are cut. To fasten loops just lay one loop on the table, pull an edge of a 2nd loop half way thru the center of the 1st loop then thru it's own loop as in the illustration. After all loops are fastened together  into one long string roll into a ball.



Don't have enough plastic bags?  Most grocery and department stores have collection bins for used grocery bags. Don't be shy, ask them for some, they usually don't have a problem with giving you some when you explain their going to be used for a recycle project. This is a great way to increase your color stock of plastic bags, I found lots of bags from stores I don't frequent.

Project ideas           
Crochet tote bags: They're water proof - great for the beach.
They're strong - I use them for grocery bags and library books.

Outdoor holiday decorations: Crochet an angel out of white bags, the plastic holds the shape and it will look great topping that evergreen tree out in your yard.

Use orange bags to crochet pumpkins for your front porch, they're safe from
the weather when you stuff them with plastic.

Crochet a welcome mat for that front stoop.

Crochet a tub mat.

Crochet a clothespin bag for the laundry line.

Crochet a slipper to cover that cast or ace bandage on a sprained ankle.